Pool Build Video

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything. In the last four or so years since I’ve posted, we’ve moved out of NYC to North Carolina, have had two additional children (Micah and Anna) and are still making videos, though less frequent. Here is a recent one of a pool build project in our backyard.



Skittle Sorter

I had been working on a machine that sorts skittles by color. It’s made out of 3D printed parts, PVC pipe and some aluminum extrusion. It was a fun challenge, since I have given myself only a week to work on it. The entire design is from scratch, some parts are scavenged, some parts are there because it was all I could find. Between bouts of exhaustion, I remember how much fun and gratification there is in building something that exists physically, with the challenge of a deadline and the creativity that comes from using whatever is available.